Tuesday, July 31, 2012


You... Yes, YOU. The one reading this post right now. Who cannot get two sentences straight in your mother tongue. You, who looks at it as something to be proud about. You wish to learn Spanish, Greek, German, French, Arabic, Italian... MANDARIN!

You, who has never stepped beyond the ten mile radius of your backyard, tells me that we need to learn from America and Europe (for GOD'S SAKE!!) how to run this country?

You, who refuses to use even 10% of his brain to figure something out, and tells me to cram the portions that i don't understand in my syllabus, have the audacity to blame the education system ALONE for the lack of opportunities that come your way.

You, who sniggers behind the napkin every time someone fumbles with a knife and a fork, secretly asks me if toilet paper is soluble in water.

Oh, and how i could i forget the 'agents of change'.. the ones who join Anna Hazare's chorus at the drop of a hat, and then, proudly tell me how they managed to get away from a Rs. 1000 fine by paying Rs. 300 to the traffic cop.

And then you spam the social media about how everything is going to the dogs. When was the last time you looked yourself in the mirror in the eye, while saying those things out loud?

You say you would have been better off had you been born in some other country? So would this country, i say.

Thursday, July 26, 2012



 Speak your mind to me again
Force your words to deep within
You try to tell me how you live
Now I see you everyday
I push I pull I run away
I'm sick and tired of living this way
Pictures moving in again
I turn around and it fades away
Now I realize it's all I got
Coz I've been waiting time after time
For the reasons in my mind
Coz I've been looking deep inside
To find my way in my life
And the words I try to find
Never seem to fall in time
And now I wonder if I could draw the line
Unfold the truths I seek within
Loneliness and mannequins
Rushing through the silver screen
Crash and burn I'm down and broken
To find my reason, find my way

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Very often people tell me it amazes them how completely and utterly capable i am of detaching myself from things and people. 'Emotionally healthy' is the phrase they like to use. They are surprised as to how easily i move on beyond a point of time... how, something that was like oxygen to me less than a year ago, is absolutely of no consequence at all anymore. Of how when i say "I have moved on", i really truly mean it.

But it makes me wonder... and wondering about it makes me sad. I wonder because i don't see what's so unusual about it. And it makes me sad because i feel bad for them.. Bad that they stop themselves from feeling anything and everything completely, in its entirety... whether it's happiness or sorrow.

Why negate what defines you? Why try and convince yourself that you don't hurt real bad when you it feels you couldn't take it anymore... why not exude happiness when you feel it, with the fear that you might jinx it?

Have you ever seen a dam, the way it holds back the flow of a water body? Have you seen what happens when it gets old, when the constant pressure wears it down? It develops cracks, and slowly breaks down. And rebuilding it is a task that seldom succeeds to give cent per cent result.