Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Metro Diaries #2

Men watching exercise videos.. Women holding bags from "Joylukkas Jewellers", (apparently world's favourite jewellers as their tagline proudly proclaims), college girls sitting on the metro floor in all their trendy glory, young men discretely checking out women, women subtly encouraging with a glance and a half smile here and there.. Do you observe all this, or do you continue reading your same old boring law book?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Metro Diaries

In all my (limited) years of working, I have never really seen much of office politics in my workspace, in either of the two firms I have been with. Or maybe, I was just not am active  participant, considering nobody considered me to be their sharing partner. But right now, as I'm on my way to work, I can actually see it and understand it. Two girls, probably early twenties and hardly out of college, seem to enjoy nothing more than discussing a coworker at length.. Why is she how she is, why she isn't as comfortable (if not more) with them as she is with a certain Sunny from their office team, and if she is that close to him, then there must be something up between them, and no she's apparently not interested in him really but just using him for her office space convenience. Nice. I think work life is going to be even more interesting outside of work than in it. Welcome back to metro diaries as recorded by a certain KMG!