Wednesday, June 27, 2007


she looks out of the window and sees a vast expanse of ocean.
she walks out of the main door onto the beach, sand crunching under her feet as she walks.
she looks around and sees surfers trying to conquer the tides,
she looks at the sunbathers working hard for that perfect tan.
she sees kids playing trying to build castles and save them from the approaching tides.
she sees all this...and she turns and starts walking in the other direction, towards a more isolated, secluded spot of the beach shielded by some boulders.
she slowly walks around, playing with sand under her feet.
after walking for a bit she sits down and lets the sea breeze whip her hair about.
she gazes at the ocean, trying to clear her mind...what happened? whats next?
she waits for the wind to dry her tears. once done, she gets up to walk back home....