Monday, November 17, 2008


Takes but a small thing to make you happy.

To make you cherish someone's company.

To make you feel special.

Takes but a small thing to make you wanna live forever.

To wish that the day would never end.

To make you dream those tantalizing dreams for the future.

To pin your hopes for that future on a flimsy yet ideal premise.

But then again,

Takes but a small thing to bring those wishes and expectations tumbling down.

Friday, November 7, 2008


I feel...

  • The election was fought between an idealist and a realist.
  • The idealist's election campaign centred around fighting and working for what he thinks and believes to be the reality. The realist's take- for what he thought would be an ideal campaign.
  • Finally, in the reality struck nation, the idealist won.
  • For the first time in a long LONG time optimism and belief in what CAN be and SHOULD be done seems to have actually won over cynisicm.

Hah! for the first time i feel its not completely foolish to hang onto a picture perfect kind of scenario. Plus, the euphoria and madness sweeping over the world, NOT just to mention the US, seems kind of ironical, considering not so long ago any sort of quixotic utopian ideas or feelings were laughed at in your face, being taken as a synonym for naivete, and derision and cynicism lauded.

Funny how one man, who wasn't even heard of till not so long ago, can change the way things go around the world.

Does this signify a change, truly? Can he help bring back that lost hope, make the nation once again THE POWER as he promised? Would he be more in news for his policies and their implementation than his political gaffes? Can he make the people look at the Americans as something more substantial than pop culture struck Paris-lusting-Britney-bashing-emo-promoting nation of slackers?

PS: I have ALWAYS wondered but never figured... HOW is it that though everyone has something negative to say about America, yet they don't mind packing their bags and rushing for its shores every opportunity they get?