Saturday, May 30, 2009


Life...what is it all about?
A struggle called existence, or a fight for survival?
Are the two really that removed from each other?
I wonder...

Is it about feelings or facts,
Or something altogether different?
Is it about taking each day as it comes,
Or planning every single minute in advance?
Do we cherish this existence,
Or, do we curse every morning we see?
Why are some so eager to embrace it,
While others think of it as but an obligation?
How come it is so easy to make some happy,
Yet so difficult to get some to smile?
How come some smile so easily and always,
Yet that smile is but a farce put up for the world?
How come some get everything so easily,
While others struggle on without much success?
Is it about the little joys, the trifle sorrows
Or is it merely the bigger things that count?
Is it the journey undertaken which matters,
Or the destination you seek to reach?
Is it right to express yourself honestly,
Or better still to simply maintain the status quo?
I wonder...

And much of it does really matter anyway?
I wonder...