Sunday, May 27, 2012


Happy and content. Life has taken a 180 degree turn, and for the better, at least for the most part. I don't know how it all happened, all i know is, i am grateful to the forces that be.

The last few months have just reaffirmed by belief in the fact that so long as you are willing to fight, are stubborn, and refuse to give up on the ideals that YOU formed during the good times, you will sail through. Always.
There is just one thing that you need to do... hold onto hope, tight. not out of desperation, but as a belief that's beyond being challenged.

I am in a good place right now, have some great people around me, who love me (whether inspite of who i am or for who i am, i dare not say :S) and they make life wonderful. I can't thank god enough for them. Thank you, all of you, for being a part of my life.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


by memories and faces,
images and places.
the pain and confusion,
the mirage and delusion.
everything is plain as light.
yet, the constant fight.
a dream, a song.
where do i now belong?
an image of me, enraptured
 was once upon a time captured,
 in the echelons of the heart.
yet, how did we still part?
a substitute, a mere device, was how.
all grievances leading to the row.
today a new dream, a vision exemplary.
yet, the treacherous heart insists to the contrary.
 is it a truth half revealed,
or is it just the past, forever sealed?
the constant cacophonous imagined noise.
the phantoms with their icy poise.
those empty black eyes awide,
what do they still try and hide.
a chain of thought, oh so jumbled;
manifested in an exterior so rumpled.
a look a thought, all for nought;
a simple tardy chain of thought.

[Disclaimer : This is something i wrote ages ago. Words came to me of their own, and for once i didn't really put much mind to the phrases.. And the reason you see it up here, now, is because i quite like it..]

Thursday, May 10, 2012


it's almost 4 in the morning, and sleep evades me still.
there's not much on my mind.
perhaps a little bit of regret... not for having missed the bus this time,
but for the innumerable times before this.
this time i wasn't ready, i know.
this time i didn't kid myself, i know.
but i still can't fathom as to what went wrong, these past few years.
how did i lose the plot, where did i slip, when did i go weak.
ah well, no matter now.
not anymore, not again.
the images are vivid once again,
the willingness returning,
determination finally setting in.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


One minute i was sitting there, reading the literature on Anti Competitive Agreements as per the Competition Act... and the next i am here. Its been a while. And i couldn't resist.
But i don't really have anything to say. At all.

Just that, i feel like a bird that is about to take flight. Tomorrow.

Funny, considering this bird is still going to feel equally shackled a week later on.
Her flight is short, the distance measured, the way it has been for all these years.
But... every mirage of captivity that she creates around her bi annually,
Leaves her feeling elated when that period of ostracism and deemed imprisonment ends.
And the beginning of that bubble is usually an extended dream of the days, months and years to come.
Visions of unrestricted flights, of innumerable sights, of little delights.