The Blog
These posts that i write are a glimpse into how i view this world. Sometimes it's a rose tinted vision, at others it's all black. But at all times it's my personal opinion about things that take up my mindspace. Some randomness, some observations, some opinions, some sarcasm. You are welcome to share my world, comment and share your viewpoints. Varied opinions are respected, unjustified smartass-edness is not.

This blog has been in existence for a few years now. It has been my venting space, my musing page, my journal...and so much more. There have been times when i have posted things here just to motivate myself, talking to myself, cheering myself on when no one else and nothing else could help.

Like i said already, it's a glimpse of me. And if you take the pains to go through it, and are patient, it will probably tell you more about me than I myself probably ever will... :)

Just a regular girl, trying to find my way about. Living and learning, figuring life out. Seeking answers to the millions of questions that crowd my head. Often confused and muddleheaded. Often lost and unsure. But manage to survive... that old saying, "this too, shall pass"... it pretty much describes it all..:)
In my spare time, very likely to be found sprawled on my bed, with a book in one hand, my phone close by and music plugged into my ears.
Ok... that's quite enough for an introduction. Read on for more... :)