Friday, October 26, 2007

She wishes she was never born.
would have made life a lot simpler for everyone around her.
she knows they love her to death.
but she isnt too sure whether they like her for what she is...just the way she is.
she is sorry for inadvertantly always causing all the pain.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Delhi Is Like This Only...

"eww! cheeeee!! that auto guy just spat on the road. but theek hai, its delhi. this place is like this only."

" yahin par phenk doon? i shouldnt throw it on the road nah? but this is delhi... everyone here is like this only."

" oh i looooooooove chandigarh! thats my home...everything there is just so nice! the roads are clean, people dont stand and pee by the walls, you get fined for spitting on the road..and greenery! oh i cant wait to get bck home!" :

These are just few of the samples of the kind of stuff that i get to hear EVERYDAY. From who? people who have left their precious cities where they have been mollycoddled for life and have come here to study cz the opportunities are so much better... the colleges, the faculties, the elusive DELHI UNIVERSITY al. And come they do, thousands they do pay for renting PGs, years they do spend here. But all the time thinking of this city as a forced temporary shelter.

Why is it that people who come from outside city are willing to use up the resources, make the most of the opportunities coming their way, live a kind of life that would be unthinkable in their otherwise mundane lives...and criticize the place!? When its something great about the city ( like the options in Italian cuisine restaurants, the exclusive brand outlets, the job opportunities etc) people are more than willing to make use of the facilities taking them for granted and showing the least bit of appreciation, but when it is something bad, they suddenly seem to alienate the city calling it an excuse of a metro.a place where it is okay to throw bits of paper on the road or dispose off a soiled tissue or an apple core on the pavement...a place which could never be their home.

I am not against people from outside coming and living here, making the city their home. But i AM against the way that things concerning Delhi are taken for granted. If spitting on the road, littering the place, disposing off your waste, relieving yourself in public, road rage, harrassment and law problems are objectionable things in your city then are they not so in other places too?

and then they wonder why they call them outsiders and feel isolated?